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New Online Casinos

New Online Casinos are added and updated in this list on a daily basis. We stay up to date on the latest information about new online casinos and their exclusive bonuses through unique reviews.

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At Casino Wings, testing and finding out everything about a new online casino is a given operation procedure. We go through all factors that could and should be important to you as a casino player, such as licensing, game providers, payment methods, bonuses, wagering requirements and much more. Playing at a new casino in 2017 is the best option if you want to try something new, claim a huge deposit bonus or if you're simply trying to find your new favorite casino.

When you're searching for a new casino, don't forget to check their bonus offers on Casino Wings. It's common that new casinos celebrate their launch with an exclusive bonus. We have made it easy for you to see what is unique with every bonus, as it's stated in the short info of every casino in the list beneath.
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New Online CasinosAbout Casino Wings

New online casinos are added to our list every day. This is where you can find the latest information about casinos, their exclusive offers and read unique reviews based on personal experiences.

All our new online casinos are tested and tried before added to the site. We go through multiple factors that are relative to you as a player, like license, payment options, selection of games and VIP-programs. Why not try a new online casino? 2018 is the year of trying new things, finding great new bonuses and simply finding a new casino that suits your needs.

While searching for a new online casino, always remember to check the bonus offer. A lot of new online casinos are celebrating their launch with an exclusive bonus. We’ve made it easy for you to find out the important and unique factors of every bonus in the actual list, and help you find a great new casino in no time.

Owlie Helps You Find New Casinos

The jungle of casinos that is out there today is not only deep and dark – it’s constantly changing. Don’t you worry, though, as Owlie will guide you to the best locations. He is currently keeping an eye out for new online casinos in 2018, and he’s found a lot of interesting places already… So far we’ve seen interesting casinos such as Magic Red, Fantasino and the very exciting PlayOjo appear as top challengers for the title of the best new online casino 2018.

Why So Many New Online Casinos Out There?

People all around the world loves to play casino games online. A lot of new casinos are focusing on different things in order to target different segments of players.

New Casinos Means New Themes

The most exciting casinos out there have some kind of awesome niche, or a persona if you may. As previously mentioned, this is done to target different kinds of people, but also to make the overall experience more fun and enjoyable. A well-known niche is the whole “exclusive” charade, with the sophisticated casino style along with the red carpet and so on. We are starting to think it’s getting a bit dull.

New Casinos

Who’s Starting All These New Casinos?

Starting a casino is not easy. It takes a whole lot of knowledge and years of experience. For that reason, it’s very common that a lot of “new casinos” comes from already existing and established casino companies that are working a new angle. There are also lots of entrepreneurs out there, who used to work for bigger casinos back in the days, and then saw the potential in starting a new casino by themselves.

A trend we’ve seen throughout all popular new casinos 2018, is that a lot of existing casinos are launching new casinos with another name and theme. Examples are ComeOn and MobileBet, two casinos that are run by the same company, using the same system and platform. There is no negative side for us players – as new casinos mean new bonuses, and new great opportunities to win big!

The Biggest Bonuses Right Now

In accordance to new online casinos being launched on an almost daily basis, the competition becomes tougher for existing casinos out there every day. That’s what a lot of casino players are looking to benefit from; new online casino welcome offers with great value!

Some Of Our Favorites

There are, as mentioned, many new casinos, but some favorites in the UK are Larry Casino, Dunder Casino and Ikibu. To get a fair view of each casino you can click on the links to read our reviews.

Advantages With New Online Casinos From 2018

So what are all the advantages that comes a long when playing at a new online casino? There are loads, actually! A lot of new casinos are created in the spirit of “Redo, do right”, and are naturally battling their competition with incredible welcome offers, faster withdrawals and a better casino experience over all. Trying a new casino entitles you to new welcome packages, which are the best and most amazing kind of offers you’ll find out there today.

When looking at new online casinos in general, the advantages are many. When we examine casinos we do it thoroughly, and we’ve found a positive pattern that a lot of new casinos are following.

New Casinos from 2018 Hands Out Amazing Bonuses

A new online casino can be as good or even much better than an already existing one, but it doesn’t really matter when no one plays or knows about the casino. New online casinos are therefore tempting us players with generous offers to get us through the door. A lot of people already have accounts on most of the casinos that you can find on the web today. That’s why it’s better to play at new casinos where everyone gets a new chance to register and pick up their own new welcome bonus. It doesn’t matter if you have 50 accounts on 50 different sites – when a new casino is launching, everyone gets the chance to start over!

New Casinos Try Harder

The difference in quality and experience can vary a lot between older and new casinos. Something that is obvious when you think about it is that smaller casinos will always care about you more as a player. The big and old casinos often have so many customers that you’ll easily find yourself “forgotten” or like “just another one in the crowd”. New online casinos are often hungry and they do whatever they can for their customers to be happy. Apart from that, new and smaller casinos have a more personal feeling to them. It’s like comparing homemade burgers to McDonalds – the difference is enormous! New online casinos want to be the best at everything. If you’d start a new casino today, you wouldn’t have a lot to lose. The competition is tough and in order to stand out you need to offer a better product than others.

Now when there are so many new casinos to choose from, it’s very important that they match your criteria’s. Perhaps the customer support needs to be available 24/7 for you to rank it as a suitable casino. Maybe you prioritize fast withdrawals? Use our ‘Casino Compass’ to find new online casinos that matches your style completely – it’s very simple and only takes you a few seconds!

How New Online Casinos Will Preserve Their Players

What makes us stay at a casino? It’s a constant question and casinos have loads of tricks up their sleeves in order to keep you as a player. First and foremost, they do it by offering different casino loyalty schemes.

One of the most known and most “ancient” type of loyalty schemes is the VIP-point system. This is still in play on a lot of great casinos today. By wagering in different games or completing challenges you will earn VIP points which you then can spend on different kind of bonuses, free spins, or even clothes and electronics.

Another type of casino loyalty scheme is that you get contacted by an account manager when you’ve played at the casino for a while. They will offer personal assistance and much better bonuses than standard ones. It’s not rare that they set up personal bonuses for you on every deposit and similar things like that. Some casinos are showering their players with free spins every week to get them to come back the next one.

The development is going forward, and lately a lot of new casinos have been launched. VIP programs and loyalty schemes has reached a new level. Casinos with innovative spirits have created exclusive level systems where you get rewarded when you “level up”. Other concepts are built in the way of travelling through fantasy by completing missions and fighting bosses.

An example of a cool loyalty scheme is Rizk’s “Wheel of Rizk”, where you get to spin a fortune-wheel every time you level up. It’s obviously called Wheel of Rizk and the rewards can vary a lot. You can win anything from free spins without wagering requirements or wager free bonus money. There is also a jackpot to be won but Rizk has not yet told the public about the reward. Some other new casinos are focusing on players who tend to play a lot, and for bigger amounts. As you can tell there is a lot to choose from… We’ve reviewed the loyalty program for each of our new casinos, so you’ll be able to find all info about them right here. Enjoy!

Free Spins Or Deposit Bonuses On New Casinos

So, are we to choose free spins or bonus money when we make our first deposit? The Casino Wings team take their job seriously, and we’ve studied the math and value behind all of our bonuses. We are always giving you the full scoop regarding wagering requirements or other question marks about bonuses that new casinos are offering.

Usually, the best bonuses are the ones that grants you bonus money on your first deposit. Keep an eye out for percentage bonuses that gives you 100 % extra or more – these are the ones with the highest value! These bonuses are conveniently also very common among new online casinos, which is our specialty.

A big bunch of free spins can also have an enormous value, as you can win a bigger amount in the beginning and have less to wager when/if you get lucky and win more.

No matter what you are looking for, you can find it on Casino Wings. Through our Casino Compass you can easily filter between multiple casinos and find loads of bonuses with info about their wagering requirements. You can also filter on your favorite game providers so you can make sure your preferred slots are available.

New online Casinos Via Mobile

You might be a proper mobile user? Our home page is adapted to the size of your mobile screen, so you won’t have to worry about zooming out and in. Nowadays, about 50% of all casino players online are playing from their cell phone or tablet. Naturally, we’ve made sure that all our new online casinos are working fine from your cell phone, just like our product!

There are some casinos that have taken their mobile casino to the next level, with well-developed apps for Android and iOS for their products. They are the smoothest in terms of stability, but it’s also a matter of taste. Some prefer playing in the browser for the simplicity of things. You can find all our mobile friendly casinos by using the Casino Compass.

New Online Casinos 2018 No Deposit

No deposit bonuses often seem too good to be true, but that’s not (always) the case. In the jungle of casinos out there, nothing is impossible and there are a lot of new online casinos from 2018 that offers free bonuses without the requirement of making a deposit!

These bonuses are handed out in different ways. We usually see casinos offering huge chunks of free spins over the course of a few days. An example is that you can get 10 free spins per day for 15 days, which then would give you the total of 150 free spins. This varies from casino from casino, as you can get up to 50 free spins per day as a new online casino player on SuperLenny for example.

Quick Question: Can I Withdraw My Winnings From A No Deposit Bonus?

“Yes, in the online casino sphere, anything can happen. We’ve seen and heard about people winning thousands of pounds from their free spin winnings. Some casinos have added a maximum limit from how much you can win from your free spins. This limit will also vary from casino to casino, and some doesn’t even have a limit, but YES – these new online casinos will pay you if you win. No strings attached!

All information about how free spins are handed out is provided in our casino reviews, and we recommend that you read them through before you start playing, to avoid any surprises later.

Is It Really Possible To Win The Jackpot On A New Casino?

There’s a classic misunderstanding in regards to the chance of winning a jackpot in new online casinos. People tend to think that since the “machine” haven’t been used as the casino just opened, the chances of winning the jackpot is lower. That’s not true. Jackpot games and all other slots comes from third party gaming providers and not from the casino itself. That means that it’s the exact same slot you’re playing on, regardless to which casino you are playing at.

What To Look After In Order To Find A Safe Casino Online

Are you eager to find new casinos from 2018 and forth? There are various things you should be looking for if you want to find a serious casino on the internet. How do you know which casinos are safe? Some people feel like they want to wait for a while or read a review about the new online casino before they try it. When it comes to safety in online gaming, there are a lot of aspects to have in mind, and of course we all have different preferences in regards to what is considered safe and what is not. When we’re talking about ‘safety’, we have things like customer service, payments, and licensing in mind.

As the good and friendly owl he is, Owlie’s taken care of business. All casinos on our site are checked and tested by us, and they all meet our high expectations and countless criteria’s in regards to what counts as a safe and fair casino. We’ve taken all demands in consideration and all of our casinos are licensed. If you’re a picky casino player, we strongly recommend that you use our Casino Compass to filter after your needs.

What’s The Easiest Way To Find Newly Launched Casinos?

Owlie, our beloved owl at Casino Wings, happens to know everything that is going on in the casino jungle. That’s why we make sure to list all great, safe, and fair new casinos in 2018 – and we hope you’ll come a long for the ride if you want to be first one to find out about new casinos and daily news. Owlie stands for safety and wisdom in the online casino sphere, and that’s our starting points when we look for new casinos in 2018.

Add Casino Wings as a bookmark in your browser to keep tabs on everything that is new in the casino world. This is where you’ll get the best information about everything related to new online casinos and exclusive bonuses. You can also sign up to our Newsletter by subscribing on the side.

New Online Casinos Trends 2018

We are not only listing new online casinos from 2018 and forth. We try and test all kinds of casinos and compare them to each other. We also keep track of new ideas and casino related news. During 2018 we’ve seen some amazing casinos surface, like Codeta, who decided to put all their focus on Live Casino tables.

Live Casino is getting more popular by the day. If you wonder what Live Casino is, it’s in the name. You are playing from your computer or iPhone/Android but you’re still playing with a real dealer who sits in front of a camera dealing cards in Blackjack or Baccarat, or spinning the wheel on one of the many Roulette tables they offer. Live casino truly offers the exclusive feeling that you get when playing in a real casino. The dealers are well trained, and they are also interacting with players at the table.

We’ve also seen a glimpse of Virtual Reality casinos and it seems like the future is here already. Standing in your own living room celebrating wins with your friends in the “high roller suite” sounds unrealistic, but it could be a possibility sooner than you think. During the year of 2018 we’ll probably see a lot of new casinos with unique VR-environments – something we are very excited about.

Features and the way slots or other games are working is a constant development as well. NetEnt has during many years been the number one game supplier in Europe. Other new exciting game suppliers have surfaced, and we’ve seen the likes of Yggdrasil, Quick Spin and Play’n GO getting into the competition. Yggdrasil especially, has captured the hearts of thousands of casino players with built-in tournaments and lotteries inside their slots.

Behind Casino Wings

We who started Casino Wings are three friends from Sweden with great casino interest. It all began with the launch of Casino Wings in Sweden, but now we have also launched in the UK.

Casino Wings Sums Up New Online Casinos

To put it simply, the selection is huge and it’s not easy to know what to look for. There are different kinds of bonuses, wagering requirements and free spins. Some bonuses require a deposit and some doesn’t. Whatever you are looking for, we’ve already found it for you. That’s the whole purpose of Casino Wings existence.

5 Reasons To Love Owlie

  • All submitted casinos are verified by experts
  • The Casino Compass, a unique tool to filter casinos after your needs and preferences.
  • Always the latest news from the casino-sphere
  • Fresh offers and bonuses daily!
  • User friendly whether you are on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Whether you are looking for new online casinos, deposit bonuses, free spins, free chips, fast withdrawals, beneficial loyalty schemes or a fast and accessible customer service – our goal is to help you find it in the easiest way possible. We’ll take you under our Casino Wings and make sure you land safe and sound where you belong.